Veterans Counseling Veterans is a 501C3 nonprofit, EIN 46-4123917

Suicide Prevention

Veteran Suicide is a National Problem with a local solution. Veterans Counseling Veterans is focused on being part of the local solution. Although the daily veteran suicide rate decreased from 22 a day to 20 a day it is still a National Problem

Suicide Prevention Committee

Veterans Counseling Veterans Inc partnered with American Legion Florida 15th District and formed a Suicide Prevention Committee to actively address Veteran suicide prevention. Majority of the committee members received Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST). ASIST is a DoD approved program. All members of DoD must receive annual ASIST training.

Veteran Suicide Prevention Support for Children and Family Members

Veterans Counseling Veterans INC will provide emotional support to anyone who had a relationship with a Veteran who completed suicide. This support includes the following: