Women of Color and Military Sexual Trauma

Women of Color and Military Sexual Trauma is our first podcast in a weekly series dedicated for Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month in April.

Women of Colors MST survivors often found their voices muted or minimized when it comes their tragic experience of sexual assault. The purpose of this podcast is to give them a voice and platform to share their stories that are often ignored in the media.

Listen to these courageous warriors as they describe their experience in and out the military as related to military sexual trauma and PTSD.

According to a recent report by the National Women Law Center women of color report over 56% of reports of sexual harassment came from women of color even though they make up only 37% of the workforce.

Department of Defense has not broken down Military Sexual Assaults and Harassments by race. It’s important they do, if we want to know if there are differences when it comes to race and gender with respect to MST. Women of color often face intersectional experiences with regards to racism, sexual assault and harassment.

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Lucy Del Gaudio:     Lucy served in the Army for eight years in the 1990s, and says she was raped by a superior — a man she once considered a mentor. She is now a tireless advocate for Military Sexual Trauma Survivors in New Jersey




Demika Jackson

Demika is retired Army Veteran and a Military Sexual Trauma Survivors. She is the President of Jacksonville Florida’s Veterans Chamber of Commerce.




Lakeydra Houston

Lakeydra is close to retired from the Air Force after serving for almost 2o years. She is a Military Sexual Trauma Survivors and plans to continue to fight for Military Sexual Trauma survivors after she retires from the Air Force.





Rene Nash: Rene is a Combat Army Veteran. She served in the Army for 13 years before she was honorably medically retired. Jay Rene is also co-founder to Hip Hop Humanism with legendary rapper Dana Dane. This pending non-profit organization is designed to create grassroot programs for areas that are prone to or already high risk