Veterans Counseling Veterans is a 501C3 nonprofit, EIN 46-4123917


Veterans Counseling Veterans, Inc., (VCV) is a veteran-led nonprofit providing training, education, advocacy, mentorship and service (TEAMS) to veterans and their families in the areas of mental wellness and suicide prevention. .

While we value the contributions of all individuals and groups that play in role in supporting veterans and their families, VCV believes  veterans and family members are obligated to help each other.

VCV’s guiding principle is “We don’t only sympathize, we empathize because we walked in your boots”

“Taking Care of Our Own”.

Vision Statement

VCV will become a nationally recognized veteran organization providing a place for military veterans and spouses of military veterans serving in the behavioral health profession to collaborate, share and grow in the field of behavioral health; and help to bridge the gap of understanding between the civilian population and military veterans.

VCV Services