Veterans Counseling Veterans

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According to recent reports  77% Veterans prefer a Veteran as a counselor. It is normal for a particular culture to prefer someone who understands and can relate to their experiences. Veterans and their families are no different. Veterans Counseling Veterans primary motto is: “Veterans Counseling Veterans not only sympathize they empathize because they walked in their boots”.

VCV believes it’s important that we are not just the problem but also the solution. Our mission is to support Military, Veterans and families mental wellness through Teaching, Education, Advocacy, Mentoring and Service (TEAMS)

VCV focuses on the following:

  • Suicide Prevention (Training, Intervention, Awareness and Postvention)
  • Military Sexual Trauma
  • Mental Health for Families of Veterans
  • Mentorship
  • Referral

Veterans Counseling Veterans is nationally recognized by Military Times and Stars and Stripes

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