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Episode 1 : Meet the Tribe







Episode 2 : Military Sexual Trauma and Suicide:

Listen to a round table to discussion with four Military Sexual Trauma Survivors (MST) discuss the challenges they faced with PTSD resulting from MST







Episode 3: K9s and Veteran Suicide Prevention

K9s are a critical resource for treating Veterans with PTSD. Listen and watch 2 K9 nonprofit organizations that provide services to Veterans diagnosed with PTSD.







Episode 4: Spotlight on Florida4Warriors and Paint22

This episode 2 Veteran organizations were spotlighted Florida4 Warriors and Paint22. Watch and listen how they served the Veteran community







Episode 5: Military and Veteran Families during COVID-19

This episode addressed how Military and Veteran families coped with the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic






Episode 6: Military and Veterans Families with special needs children during COVID-19

This episode focused on 3 Families who had special needs children. Listen and learn the special challenges these families faced, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.






Episode 7: Faith and Veteran Suicide 

Episode 7 focused on the role Faith Based Organizations play as a solution to Veterans suicide prevention and postvention





Episode 8: Military Sexual Trauma and Suicide

Listen and learn how Military service members and Veterans Military Sexual Survivors stories and how they cope with PTSD resulting from Military Sexual Trauma





Episode 9: Special Memorial for Families who lost a Veteran to Suicide

This special episode was a special memorial ceremony for Families and Veterans who lost a Veteran to suicide.




Episode 10: Veteran Spotlight: Cohen Veterans Network

Cohen Veterans Network was our Veteran Organization Spotlight. Learn how Cohen Veterans Network provide mental health services to Post 9/11 Veterans and their families.




Episode 11: Women Veterans in mental health

Listen to an all Women Veteran in mental health panel as they discuss what influence them to pursue a career in mental health and their experiences.




Episode 12: PTSD Awareness Month: PTSD, Veteran and their Families  This episode is in recognition that June is PTSD Awareness month. This episode consists of 3 Military Veteran mental health providers and 3 Veterans diagnosed with PTSD and their families



Episode 13: Veteran Suicide Postvention: What happens when a Veteran chooses suicide?

A candid discussion with Veterans and family members who lost a Veteran to suicide. This episode will focus on Former Marine Joe Rasor.




Please watch, subscribe and share our latest podcast Episode 14: Active Duty and suicide. There has been an increase in military suicides according to a Sep 2019 Pentagon Report  .

Since the release of the report we have seen very little discussion on how DoD plans to reduce active duty suicides. In Episode 14 we talked to 2 active duty service members Lakeydra Houston (Air Force) and Tom Cruz (Army) and retired Navy Chief Enrique Acosta Gonzalez to discuss some of the reasons why there was an increase. In this episode you will learn how stigma still plays a major role in preventing service members from seeking mental health assistance and the effectiveness of DoD Suicide Prevention Strategy. Beside Congress who are the military service members advocate when it comes to suicide and Military Sexual Trauma

Episode 15: Spc Vanessa Guillen and MST Triggers.  Listen former and active Military Sexual trauma Survivors, military veteran mental health providers and former Army company commanders as they discuss the tragic ending of SPC Vanessa Guillen life.