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USF CW Bill Young Hall ROTC Building of Event



Join Veterans Counseling Veterans Military Sexual Trauma Conference on 26-27 Aug 2022 at USF Joint Military Leadership Center, Tampa Florida

This conference will be 2 days of Education, Connections and Empowerment for MST survivors, advocates, mental health professionals and Military Veteran supporters

It will include Keynote Speakers, multiple panels, engaging discussions on MST and the Family, the latest information on MST and establishing connections with other passionate professionals in the field of Military Sexual Trauma Earn CEUs! Register Today!

Did you know Women Veterans are more likely to die by suicide than non-Veteran women because of Military Sexual Trauma?: In 2016, the suicide rate of women Veterans was near twice the suicide rate of non-Veteran women,

Veterans Counseling Veterans is doing something about it. We are hosting a two day military sexual trauma conference on 26- 27 August 2022 at USF Tampa. Please register and share our event.

After the Vanessa Guillen tragedy, our Nation has become more aware of military sexual trauma in the military. But knowing about it is not the same thing as doing something about it

This event will impact not only military sexual trauma survivors but their families and those who care about them.

Our event is designed to educate, connect and empower military sexual trauma survivors. We are bringing together a diversity of resources in one place with the sole purpose of empowering educating and connecting military sexual trauma survivors with their supporters in the community

What happens to the family or relationship of a MST Survivor? Did you know that trauma can be passed to their children If they aren’t given proper counseling?,

Do you know anyone who is a military sexual trauma survivor? What can you do to let they know they are not alone?

Tell them about Veterans Counseling Veterans Military Sexual Trauma Conference and ask them to register

Register today for Veterans Counseling Veterans military sexual trauma conference and learn to be part of the solution!

This is not your typical MST conference. Everyone involved understands the military culture because they lived and experienced the military.

This conference will provide the following:

Provide a diverse and inclusive shared experience by MST survivors (LGBTQ, Women of Color, Male Survivors)

Provide up-to-date information on DOD Military Sexual Assaults and Harassment policies

Provide information on the Veteran claims process and benefits for military sexual trauma survivors

Provide information and resources for families and friends who want to support military sexual trauma survivors but don’t know-how

Up to Date evidenced-based treatments for military sexual assignment survivors and PTSD

Facilitate connections between the MST survivor, advocates of military sexual trauma survivors and their supporters

Provide access to community and national resources available for Military Sexual Trauma survivors





USF President Rhea Law and VCV CEO Ellsworth “Tony” Williams




Early Bird Price  May 2-31: $75

Normal Price Jun 1 -25 Aug: $125

Late Registration: $135