Families of Veterans and Military Service members


Military, Veterans and their Family

Mental Health Support

Veterans Counseling Veterans understand the importance of the Veterans and military family members.

That is why Veterans Counselings Veterans will provide online and In-person workshops specifically for family members.

The topics of  workshops will include:

  • PTSD and the Military and Veteran Family: The workshops will focus on the family member, caregiver layperson, by providing psychoeducation, process-oriented, mental health providers

  • Suicide and the Military and Veteran Family. The family plays a critical role in preventing or even intervention or if the veteran dies by suicide. This workshop will provide tools for the family to be an active participant in Veteran Suicide Prevention.

  • How to handle when the service member is deployed or redeploying. This workshop will provide tools and recommendations for the family when their loved one is deploying or redeploying from a military assignment. The workshop will also cover family members of Reservists and National Guards

Community Outreach

Veterans Counseling Veterans will bring together stakeholders, resources, and community members, to ensure the entire community is involved in supporting the Veteran community.