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Carrie Nero, BG (R)

She started her career with the Army Reserves in 1975 and began pursuing two career lives that would parallel each other. As a civilian, she attended USF and received several degrees, including bachelor degrees in counseling and behavioral health, a master’s degree in nursing and a doctorate in higher education.

As a member of the military, she attended training all over the world, including a year at Army War College in Pennsylvania.
As both careers began to blossom, Nero found enjoyment in her civilian employment at the Pinellas County Health Department where she served as the Director of Minority Health. During her tenure, the department reviewed data on health disparities in the African-American community. She was also able to research and study the sickle cell disease and its prevalence in minority communities. “Working there was very rewarding,” Nero said.

Meanwhile, in the U.S. Army she served in Desert Shield/Storm caring for wounded soldiers in Alabama, Tampa and Georgia.
Then in 2002 came the call that would make her a part of history. Her dedication to her military career and commitment to training earned her the rank of Brigadier General. She is the first African-American nurse in the Army Reserves to achieve this honor.