VCV’s Women Veterans on Mental Health Committee




Stephanie Simms: Co-Chair:

Stephanie is a retired Air Force Veteran and Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Jean Gautreaux: Co-Chair: 

Jean is a retired Air Force Veteran and Licensed Clinical Social worker


Women Veterans serving women veterans
Women Veterans serving women veterans


To advocate, educate, network, and collaborate for women veterans in the mental health profession


    • Perform outreach to improve women veterans’ awareness of eligibility mental health for federal and state veterans’ services and benefits
    • Promote developing partnerships
    • Recruit women veterans in mental health to join
    • Assess the mental health needs of women veterans with respect to improve the Women Veterans Program
    • Recognized as Subject Matter Experts in mental health for women veterans
    • Review programs, research projects, and other initiatives in mental health designed to address or meet the needs of women veterans
    • Participate in National forums and committees for women veterans to address mental health issues
    • Educate other veteran organizations on women veteran mental health issues
    • Advocate for women veterans mental health issues
    • Create awareness about the needs of women veterans in mental health
    • Provide female-specific mental health resources
    • Connecting women veterans with training and employment opportunities
    • Hold workshops, support group sessions, case management and individualized counseling sessions
    • Promote interaction with other female veterans, sharing similar issues
    • Advocate for female veterans on the local, state, and national level
    • Educating supportive service partners to better serve female veterans

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